Everything to Know About the Early Life of Jesus | Understanding Jesus

Jesus was a Jew, not a Christian! Géza Vermes, one of the greatest scholars in the studies of the “Historical Jesus,” mentioned this phrase in his book “Jesus in His Jewish Context,” which sheds light on Jesus in the Jewish context that pertains to his era. Jesus’ life cannot be separated from the Galilean environment He grew up in. This will be especially relevant in our study of those obscure years of Jesus’ life, such as his infancy, adolescence, and the nature of his life in his 20s, alongside with his intellectual and religious development, which unfortunately there are no certainties behind what actually happened during this period (of Jesus’ life). Rather, all explanations presented in these episodes regarding this matter are based on the assiduous work of researchers.

With full awareness of these difficulties and obstacles that will meet us as we try to understand and determine the nature of Jesus’s personal and jewish life, let’s begin by inspecting the external factors (such as sociocultural factors) that would have influenced the personal life, the mind and social development of Jesus in first-century Nazareth. These factors include the language Jesus spoke, the education he received, the job he practiced, and his socioeconomic status.